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With a lighting options to help with small spaces and careful repairs work.


The Universal Lamp Taneo and the Eco Lane Bench Lamp come with different sizes and voltages to suit your space; we'll be able to help provide advice on your next project.

We can supply to all watchmakers around Australia and New Zealand. Our prices are very competitive.

For pricing enquiries, please contact us via email.

Tools - Lamps

Universal Lamp TANEO

  • Touch panel integrated in the luminaire head for On/Off and dimming

  • Table power supply and 3 meter connecting cable 

  • Colour temperature neutral white 5000k

  • Glare-free thanks to Conical Prismatic Screen

  • LED technology with 24 diode

Size Gide

Tools - Lamps

Bench lamp

  • 3 Fluorescent tubes 15W, daylight

  • Parabolic grid

  • Electronic ballast

  • Fixing Clamp

  • 2 Articulated arms

Size Gide

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