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The ChronoProof is a world's first tightness testing device with a integrated compressor.

This compact machine also comes with an integrated printer.

No technical know-how or staff training is necessary in order to be able to operate the ChronoProof. All you have to do is place the watch in the holding device of the sensor and close the test chamber.


The ChronoProof takes care of everything else, including parameterisation of the test program.


The ChronoProof is so quick and easy to operate that you can, for example, carry out a seal test directly on your sales desk without further ado.


Teslascope can demagnetise and detects Magnetise in all mechanical watches – in a single step. The Teslascope includes a convenient, freestanding support, allowing watches with or without wristlet, movements and steel watch parts of small dimensions to be easily tested. The evaluation of the measurements takes place by red and green LED’s. 


The Proofmaster is a professional type of equipment used for Leak Tests.


The Proofmaster can be used on a variety of watches including watches with or without bracelets.

The Proofmaster detects localised water leaks with a special Leak Finder Program.  3 Altimeter programs with gentle pressure increase for watches with integrated altimeter and pressure sensors. Equipped with a USB interface, the device can be networked by using the optional Proofmaster M/S software.


This Machine requires a compressor and printer which can be bought separately.


The most advanced WATCH EXPERT ever was developed to meet the requirements and demands of watchmaking experts.

  • The most important results of all 6 main test positions can be seen at just one glance

  • Work comfortably on a reflection-free display, on the basis of the six adjustable angles of inclination

  • Automatic recognition of 11 test positions

  • Quick and easy to switch between test positions

  • AR-coated glass surface of the display

  • Can be operated even while wearing finger cots or gloves

  • Precise analysis of acoustic signals, the loudspeaker is directed forwards

  • Space-saving and ergonic working

  • Comfortable control of the WATCH EXPERT via microphone

The interactive microphone is characterized by the following:

  • Safe and secure mount, even for heavy, large watches

  • Test large watches with wide wrist straps

  • Fatigue-free, ergonomic control, both right- and lefthanders can individually set their chosen position

  • 8 locking positions  


Measurement capabilities:

  • Measuring rate variation

  • amplitude

  • beat errors